Exploring the different ways that both indigenous and migrant communities have been imaged within museum collections and archives serves as a counterpoint to my work on the visibility and performativity of photography, self imaging and storytelling within the everyday and domestic sphere. I am also looking for clues as to the nature of early cross-cultural interactions in the Asia-Pacific..and at times the ‘unknowability’ of colonial relationships and experiences. Of particular interest to me is the colonial album, the ‘ethnographic’ photo-book and other forms of photographic publication and distribution (such as the picture postcard) in which tropes around racial difference emerge from the museum space into popular culture. In Paris, I created work in a very immediate way using photography and collage with found and appropriated images while simultaneously examining and reflecting on museum interiors and the collecting space itself.

Matérialité was made at- and with the kind assistance of- the Musée du quai Branly during an Australia Council Residency, at the Cite International des Artes in Paris.